Round 3 – Day 9

177.6 today… to be expected in the life of Kathleen.  I was worried about weighing myself yesterday, didn’t until late and then didn’t get a chance to type… here I am today, not feeling to, to bad.  Yes, I ate crap at restaurants this weekend, not my usual, but I tried something new AND fried.  I am not going to kill myself over it.

Today was a good eating day… wine was a must, but a good eating day. I apparently upset a friend over the last week, which was totally unintentional, but nevertheless, it happened.  I am sorry, I lose track of time and don’t respond quick enough all the time.  Last week was just one of those weeks.  I can be sorry, but feel no guilt.

I am trying to get down at least 2 more pounds before the weekend.  We take off Friday for a fun-filled camping trip.  I am so excited to see the RV again.  Unfortunately, it won’t be tonight… my Husband just called after biking over to pick it up from storage and the battery is dead.  Tomorrow it will have to be.  Camping is in our future though and I just love that to the core!  🙂


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