Round 3 – Day 5

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As I sit here waiting for Safeway to deliver my groceries I am anxious to get over to a friend’s house to hang out with the girls.  I didn’t think that I was going to be able to go, because I watch two Babies during the week and also have my 4 Boys.  Well, the Babies are home sick with their parents and I would love to hang out.  Obviously, I am feeling really good today.

One of the reasons I am feeling so good is that I am watching my weight go down and for some reason this time around it is making me really excited.  The scale read 176.0 today.  I love that!  What is even cooler is that this new scale that I am using tells me how much until my goal…  41 pounds!  A few days ago it was 44 … PAUSE… GROCERIES ARE HERE…

… as I was saying… A few days ago it was 44 still to go.  I like thinking about how much I have left to go, I think that just might help me mentally.  41  pounds doesn’t seem so bad.  Just imagine, I am almost in the 30-something pounds to go.  How cool is that!!

Well, the weekend is here and as usual I am freaking out a bit.  Friday is our Family  Pizza Night and I am pretty sure that once my Husband gets home we are off to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.  My plan is a small plate of salad, one slice of pizza & a glass of wine.  I don’t feel so bad, because all I have really had today is a huge cup of ice tea, a banana and a cup of quinoa and Spinach & Artichoke Humus.  Good stuff.  Let’s see how my scale likes that in the morning.  🙂


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