Round 3 – Day 2

179.6 this morning.  Ate fine yesterday, but not a lot of fruits and veggies.  Will have to send my Father to the store for me today.  I also am starting my Bountiful Baskets back up this week.  Tons of great stuff delivered for Saturday and that is something to look forward too.

I had veggie burgers for dinner last night.  No buns, just plain.  For lunch I had a turkey dog with a bun, nothing else.  Oh and some hummus and pita bread for a snack some where in between.  I didn’t drink a lot of water yesterday either.  Maybe a lot of sodium in those things and not enough water to flush it.  I am having fresh carrot juice this morning and make myself some turkey bacon I suppose.  I’m sleepy this a.m.  Maybe PMS is setting in.  I haven’t had a period in months, but my body still seems to be going though the motions.  Exciting, huh?  LOL!

I have 8 kids in my house already this morning… 4 of mine, two that I watch each day and 2 from across the street.  It is still pretty quiet in here though.  I’m glad for that.  Later I am sure the hide and seek and Infection games will begin.

I wold really love to start doing Bikram Yoga once again.  I am going to talk to my friend across the street and see if she and her Son want to go with me.  That would be fantastic!!  🙂


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