Ever have a day where something just sets you off?  Well, that happened to me today.  It is nice to know though that I can control myself and try to let it pass.  Sooner than later is the best for me.  Is it really worth me feeling this way?  Probably not.  Here is to the best for the rest of this beautiful day.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Mad

  1. You always come out ahead by not letting it get you down for to long! I am the same… the quicker I get over it the better for me! If I stew over it, it always manages to break me down and that is letting the anger win! You are a winner for sure and always come out on top because you have such a positive attitude and so much love for everyone and everything around you! Hold your head up high and don’t look back! LOVE and KISSES!

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