Things I Remember…

Picking my nose and wiping it somewhere on my crib.

Yelling for my Mother from my bedroom to bring me a glass of milk.

My Mother sleeping out in the backyard on a lounge char in her moomoo on warm nights.

Answering the door topless when the Paper Boy came to collect money for our paper subscription.  The top half of our front door was windows… probably 6 window panes, covered with a Priscilla sheer curtain… I would open the door and peer around it when I would answer it and they call my Mother to the door.  I probably gave that boy a heart attack.

Cleaning out our plastic trash cans and taking them across the street to the neighbor girls’ house front yard on a warm day, filling them up and pretending they were hot tubs.

Brushing Charmaine’s hair.

Picking giant lemons from the neighbor’s front yard lemon tree.  The rinds were the thickest I have ever seen in my life.

The little girl, Jill Duncan, down the street from me had the largest freckles that I had ever saw, but she was still adorable.

Making up dances and singing to the Carpenters at Jill Duncan’s house.

Knocking on the neighbor’s door and asking if she had any candy.

Visiting with another older woman on our block that had 2 Siamese Cats she would put on leashes and bring outside.  I can’t remember her name at this time, but her Husbands name was Wayne.

The only snow day we had in Sunnyvale when I was a kid. I went to Inverness and stayed home that day to play in the snow. I remember going by with my Mother for some reason and saw all the other kids in the school yard all playing in the school.  I remember feeling sad and left out.

Going to the Nursery with my father and him letting me buy a cactus plant.  They were my favorite.

Going to the Kingdom Hall with my Mother.  Always getting dressed up.  Trying to be quiet when I was always giggling, or falling asleep.

*More to come soon.  🙂


One thought on “Things I Remember…

  1. I really love this post! 🙂 It is very nice to read all of those fun memories! You have inspired me to think of anything from my childhood and get it down on paper before I get too old and forget it all! 🙂

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