Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity


I was finally able to find the photo I wanted to post that was recently taken during a gathering with my MeetUp group. I wanted to use this particular photo for this past weeks challenge “curiosity”, because I have had quite the week of inner struggles and it makes me think seriously about how people tick.  No, I didn’t take it, I am in it, but I did alter it to my perception of what I wanted the photo to bring across.

I have labeled this as “curiosity”, because I am always surprised and always learning from the people around me.  The people are blurred because it is people who make me curious, not the surroundings. Sometimes people come across as a blur to me.  They are not what they seem like their surroundings can be. There is something deeper… not always good and also not always bad.  The photo isn’t about the women in this photo as much as it is about how you can perceive something on the surface and there is something much deeper.  🙂


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

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