WordPress A Post A Day/Week #38 ~ What’s Something You Never Believed Until You Experienced It

What’s Something You Never Believed Until You Experienced It

I had a really hard time coming up with something for this one.  This is what I found… I never thought that I would be a frustrated parent.  Yep,  I admit, I am human and a normal Mom.  LOL!

I always wanted to be a Mother.  Always wanted children. I just never imagined that I would lose my temper, get frustrated, or try to keep my children busy, so that I could have some quiet time.  Well, it happened.  Not all the time, more just once in a while.  I find myself a pretty patient person.  There are times though that I wonder if I am giving them time-out for the right reason, or am I over reacting? Am I loosing my patience because they are trying me, or is it my hormones?  See a pattern here… I don’t want to blame them.  I know they are little and I know that they are wonderful.  They do try my patience from time-to-time though and I have to remind myself that it is okay.  They are learning as I am learning.  We really are growing together.

I really feel bad sometimes when I see a sad face on one of my little guys and I want to fix it and I can’t.  What’s with that?!  I should be able too.  I always try my best.  I think of myself as a pretty good Mother, pretty well-rounded in my beliefs.  I want them to be the best young men they can be, without being to overbearing.  I know that I have gone overboard sometimes, but I hope that they will remember me as a Mom that loved them more than anything when they are older.  Why, because it’s true.  What else would I want, then for them to be loved more than they could ever imagine.  🙂


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