In My Skin

Why is it always tomorrow?  I need to get back on track for ME!  I am going to make some Vegetable Soup.  Eat my fruits and veggies.  Get my ass on the bike.  Put my tennies on and take a walk.  Do my Yoga. Do my sit-ups and push-ups. Lay in the sun. Read another book.  Take my Juice Plus. Get my BodyBugg fixed. Log my food. Use my Kinect.  Use my KettleBell. Get out of my funk once and for all.  RIGHT!!!  I say it now, but can I do it is the question?  I need a fucking beach to walk on!  🙂


3 thoughts on “In My Skin

  1. I’m with you! I’ve been sick for the past week and I’m kind of being lazy and using it as an excuse to not be active. I WILL do my run tomorrow! Even in the rain. You know you will feel so good getting back into the healthy habits! Good luck cousin! ❤

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