WordPress A Post A Day #28 ~ Do you want to live forever?

Do you want to live forever?

Hell yes!  I would love to live forever.  The hardest part for me would be to have people in my life die.  That is the hardest thing for me now.

What a blast this would be.  Do you know how much I could do and would do if I knew I was going to live forever? Wow! Not that I don’t already try to live this way, because I do.

I admire people who live well into their 90’s, happy, energetic and still have all of their mind.  I would even say that I am jealous.  My Great Grandparents did.  It was so cool to know them.  I just hope that I even get to that age.  What a wonderful thing that would be.

Another thing..  I want to be old and having sex.  Going out dancing.  Laughing with life.  Always have my family and friends around me. Just being me!  🙂


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