30 Days – Day 29

Day 29 — The Person That You Want To Tell Everything To, But Too Afraid To

This one goes back to my Husband again.  I do tell him almost everything.  I just get that blank look from him on some occasions though.  I also get his, what I call, his “rooster” reaction when he doesn’t like something I have to say and then immediately takes the defensive.  That one really sucks.  So, on the contrary, I can’t tell him everything.  He either can’t take it, or doesn’t want to hear it.  Well, that is at least what I understand.  One day I hope this will change.  He will learn to listen better, not be defensive and just listen to it all.

Most of the time though I just say it.  That is how I am.  I don’t have anything from my past or present that I don’t want to tell him.  I kind of get a kick out of telling him all the girly stuff some times.  It is good for him and well, good for me too.  I can’t keep shit in for too long.  It is maddening!

One of my favorite things to do is to talk, so why wouldn’t it be with my Husband.  Someone I spend each and every day with. Share my life with.  Want to have fun with.  Raise a family with.

I guess on the rough days I still have my Bestie to fall back on!  🙂


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