Wow, I am humbled today!

I wrote my first Blog on December 19, 2009.  The first ones didn’t consist of much and I was really torn about Blogging.

In 2010 I received 1,145 hits on my Blog.  I thought wow, people are actually coming and reading what I have to say.  How cool is that!

Once I saw how many hits I have had just this year, in January, I was humbled.  904 as of today… just for January! Wow! Thank you for making me feel like I am doing something of worth. Sometimes I feel like my posts are very short, or pretty lame. Meaning, meaningful to me, but lame for the reader. Thank you readers for making me feel otherwise today.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Wow, I am humbled today!

  1. Its funny in a sense that despite all of our technology, fancy electronics and things dubbed progress, that its the basic human interactions that really offer us the most substance and contributions to life

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