30 Days – Day 25

Day 25 — The Person You know That is Going Through The Worst of Times (3 Days Late)

The first person that came to mind is myself, but after today I really have to say that I have a lot of luck and good Karma on my side.

My Besties Son has regular seizures.  He is only 7.  Surgery is in his future.  He was doing great, then BAM, he is having another bad week.  They live in Alabama now and it kills me that I can’t hug her when she needs it the most and be there for her.

I was talking with a man today, my Attorney, and he was telling me about his Brother that is dying from brain cancer.  He is 30 years old and starting Hospice care this week.  He said that when they found out and though his treatment they prayed for him to get better.  New he says that they  pray for him to be out of pain.

I know 3 women who are going though very sad divorces and the men in their lives are putting the children in between them. The Husbands are saying horrible things about the Mothers putting the children against the Mothers.  Very out of line.  I am very sad mostly for the children.  They will need a lifetime of therapy after all of their lives are settled and all is calm again. The worst thing you can do to children, in my mind, is put them in the middle of your situation… the parents situation.  The children always seem to get hurt the worst.

I got a text today from my Niece telling me that her Father will probably pass today.  He has been in the hospital with Hepatitis C and Liver Cancer… he is only 55.  His Father died last month (her Grandfather) and he was in his late 80’s.

These are to just name of  few of the things that are going on with people who I know.  I feel fortunate that I do have such a wonderful life.  Even in the hardest of times.  🙂


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