30 Days – Day 23

Day 23 — The Last Person You Kissed (4 Days Late)

My 9-year-old Son, Devin, was the last person I kissed.  He came in my room to kiss me goodnight.  Before he left my room he asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was working on my Blog.  Then we discussed a couple of books that he had read recently.  We also discussed Catnip and how to purify salt water from the ocean.  I knew more about the Catnip and he knew more about how to purify salt water and we both taught each other something new.

As I was typing this my 11-year-old Son, Alex, came in to also kiss me goodnight.  He wanted to discuss family members that had been in the service in the  past.  We discussed his Great Grandfather Angus Shelfer and his Great Great Uncle Arthur Lewis. I love that he is so curious about many subjects, especially History and Science.

What two wonderful people to receive kisses from last.  🙂


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