WordPress A Post A Day/Week #19 ~ Describe The Sounds of Your Laugh

Describe The Sounds of Your Laugh

I'm always laughing... I really do love it!



Funny this topic came up.  When I was video taping my Boys making Linguica with their Grandpa the other day in my kitchen.  I downloaded the video to my computer.  While watching it I could hear myself talking , and hear myself giggling and laughing.  Strange how we don’t recognize our laughs, but do our voices.

I remember being in my early 20’s and at El Toritos for Cinco De Mayo.  The place was packed.  It was a KSJO party with Lamont and Tanelli.  My friends showed up after I did and said that they found me, because they could hear me laughing.  I always took that as a compliment!

I LOVE to laugh.  It is of my favorite things that makes me genuinely feel good throughout my entire body & soul. It is just good stuff .

You know what I would like?  Well, if you know me, leave me a comment below and describe the sound of  my laugh.  Tell me what you think and what you hear.  This would be really cool… thanks! 🙂


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