30 Days – Day 21

Day 21 — Someone You Judged by Their First Impression

I wouldn’t say that I am a very “judging” person.  I try to look at people for who they are.

I remember a situation when I was maybe 24. I was meeting my Boyfriend, Todd, at the Black Watch.  I sat at the bar next to an older man.  He look a bit withdrawn.  Somehow we got to chatting.  We started talking about all kinds of topics as well as about himself and me too, of course.  After a short while Todd showed up and I introduced the two, then said our nice-to-talk-with-you’s and headed back to play some darts. Todd gave me a wonderful compliment that night.  He said that I have an ease with people. There is something in me that brings people to the surface and into my life.  It can be the most introverted, sad, or quite person… I sit down, say hello, then boom, they are telling me their life story.  I told Todd that I think that happens, because I like to tell people about my life too… I like to just lay it out there.  I think that makes people comfortable.  I think that was one of the most wonderful compliments I have ever gotten in my life.  He was right, I enjoy people no matter who they are.

On that note… it kind of tells you about me.  I don’t like to be judgemental.  People are who they are.  It doesn’t mean that I have to like it, because I don’t always.  It just means that I can choose who I have in my day-to-day life to keep it happy and memorable.  🙂


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