30 Days – Day 18

Day 18 — The Person That You Wish You Could Be

I think that I am pretty happy with who I am.  I try to not throw out any what-if”s or wouda, coulda, shoulda’s out there.  I feel like if I am doing that it is really just too late.  You made your decision, or took that road, so keep cruising with it.

Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t hormonal after having children.  I don’t feel like I give them my best on those days.  They see me at my worst.  Thank goodness those days are far and few-in-between.  I want my children to remember me being happy and fun when they were children.  Not freaking out at the smallest things.

I hope that I am a good Wife and Partner.  My Husband doesn’t complain too much, so fingers crossed!

I just want to be the best of who I am.  Each day is a new day and I hope that I get better with each one.  🙂


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