30 Days – Day 16

Day 16 — Someone That’s Not In Your State/Country

Honestly most people who I know are not in my area.  Facebook, MySpace, E-mail, Texting, Skype and once in a while a real phone call, have kept me in touch with friends and family.  I love Facebook!  I know that many others don’t, but I really do and I use it a lot.  I love keeping in touch with everyone.  Most everybody that I have on my friends list I know personally.  Only a very small handful I have met from friends and I enjoy conversing with them.  I enjoy sharing with everyone each day and responding to others as well.  I think that it is a great network.

I always hear people complain that they have a friend, or relative, that doesn’t call them, or keep in touch.  My response is always… then you do it!  You can’t complain if you don’t do it yourself!  Facebook has helped eliminate this.  I love talking to my Cousins in many different states that I wouldn’t normally get a chance too.  🙂


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