WordPress A Post A Day/Week #13 ~ Why did you start a blog?

Why did you start a blog?

I really struggled at first when I wanted to start blogging.  I didn’t quite understand it, or where the boundaries should be in what you blog about.  I have mentioned that a few times in my blog posts.  I decided to start blogging thinking that maybe it would help me to feel more excited about trying to lose some weight.  Maybe that if I wrote about it, put it out there, stayed honest with the world it would make me care more and have more determination. I did it for a long time.  Since then I have only lost 14 pounds, and then have gained 8 of that back.  Lovely.  Obviously it doesn’t work that well for me, or did it?  During that time that I wasn’t blogging I also wasn’t exercising, or logging what my food intake was.  Hmmmm… so maybe it was helping.  A bit of an Aha! moment here!  Since I have started my blog writing again the past couple of weeks I have dropped 3 pounds and have had more energy.  I haven’t made it back to the gym every day, but I have been up and doing some fun stuff on the Kinect and burning calories that way.  I started logging my food this week.  I put my BodyBugg back on the other day, but it isn’t operating right for some reason.  Hmmm, so, maybe it is good that I blog and maybe it does help me with the original reason why I started?  Cool!  I think it is time to keep it up then, and stay on it. This just may be good for me after all… in more ways then one.  🙂



One thought on “WordPress A Post A Day/Week #13 ~ Why did you start a blog?

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