WordPress A Post A Day/Week #12 ~ What are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to?

As of this moment I am looking forward to my Husband finding a new job.  This could mean many different things for us.

I am not an in-limbo person… I don’t like feeling like I am to just float out there in space until someone throws me a line and pulls me in.  Damn it really sucks!  I could just imagine how he is feeling.  Horrible I’m sure!

As of today he is waiting to hear about an interview to be set up in San Diego.  Other prospective jobs that popped up this week are in San Francisco, San Jose & Miramar, FL.  Still waiting to hear how the job interview went while he was in Oakland.  Waiting, waiting, waiting… ugh!  Tomorrow is Friday and another week will be gone.  Have to wait again until next week… waiting, waiting, waiting.

On the positive side, which is the side that I try to stay on the best I can.  I am looking forward to that stability again.  Also, will we be staying here?  Will we be moving and where?  There is so much to all of it and it is all exciting to me.  I am looking forward to a move out of Arizona.  If not, then I will look forward to our future here in Arizona for a bit longer and the great life that we already have.  🙂


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