30 Days – Day 6

Day 6 – A Stranger

During the last week of my oldest Sons baseball season we were on our way to one of his last tournaments.  We stopped at the Circle K by our house to grab some sunflower seeds and drinks.  While waiting in line to check out we noticed a very old couple trying to get directions.  After they left the counter, they stood behind us not going out the door.  They looked very confused.  I asked them if they needed help and they said yes.  My Husband proceeded to rattle off to them how to get to where they were going.  They then walked out the door to their car.  We finished checking out and went outside as well.  They were still standing at their car looking so very confused.  I asked the man where they were going.  He said they were going home.  He then pulled out a small map on a piece of paper.  It listed several streets in a neighborhood and destinations… Home, Bank, Frys, etc.  They were WAY out of their neighborhood.  They looked scared.  HE especially looked very scared.  Like a small child scared.  I then waved my Husband back over, since he knows that area better than me, looked at him and said he’s scared (I said this quietly) and lost.  I need you to slow down and help me again.  Needless to say, I was freaked out!!!  I wanted to drive them home myself.

Andrew and I talked to them for another 2 or 3 minutes.  I decided that they could follow us to Power Road then I would point them in the right direction from there.  They agreed.  We got into our cars and they proceeded to follow us.  Once to the intersection of Warner and Power we pulled over, got out and I went to the window to direct them.  He was biting his nails, looking a nervous as could be.  She leaned over and asked me if they could please just keep following us.  I was torn.  Alex needed to be at his baseball game in the next few minutes.  Andrew explained that we needed to go back the other way and pointed them again in the right direction.  They headed off.  Again, I was freaked.

This couple had to be in their early 90’s easy.  They were like lost children driving in the car.  I still worry about them and wish I had gotten a phone number for them.  Today I would have done it differently, so I knew for sure that they were safe and home.

After Alex’s baseball game that night he asked me if I thought that the old couple had gotten home okay and if I was still worried.  I told him that I hope in my heart that they drove right home and they are just fine.  I also told him that I wished that I had just taken them all the way home.  He said that he was sad and wished that we would have too.  He was worried as well.  I love his kind heart.  I try to teach my children compassion.  He showed me that night that he had a ton.

Stranger, or not, I am the kind of person that gives all that I can at the time.  What goes around, comes around.  I may need help from a stranger some day too.  🙂


2 thoughts on “30 Days – Day 6

  1. I love this story, and your great big heart. People today don’t slow down and take care of each other. This is very sweet.

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