WordPress Post A Day/Week #3 ~ Share Something That Makes You Smile

Share Something That Makes You Smile

My Children make me smile!  I have 4 little Boys… ages 11, 9, 8 & 5.  They are amazing.  Each and every day they do something that makes me smile.  From Alex getting body odor and being so proud to be going though puberty. Devin being so witty with his silly voices and faces (sometimes reminds me of myself in a way once in a while) making me crack up.  Pierce said something that cracked me up the other day, “I should have eaten that Dogfish Shark that I caught.  It would have tasted like a hot dog and fish.”  Reed told me New Years evening that I looked like Granny from Looney Tunes.  I was in my robe and glasses at the time.  He did say that my hair was different in the back though.  Mine was more like it was on fire he said.  Why would that make me smile… all of them just amaze me each and every day.  🙂


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