WordPress Post A Day/Week #2 ~ Best Accomplishment of 2010

Best Accomplishment of 2010?

I would have to say walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure on October 1 – 3, 2010 in San Francisco.  I raised $2,312.  Our team… We’re Bringing Boobies Back, raised a total of $10,730.67.  There was 4 of us that made up our team.

My friend, Diane, whom I have known since childhood, posted on Facebook one day that she would be doing the walk.  I sent her a message asking what it was exactly and if I could join in.  Of course she said yes.  From that moment on I researched the event, bought merchandise from the 3-day website, raised money furiously, held fundraisers, walked at the gym to prepare myself and then all of a sudden it was time.

I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  The first 3 miles was exciting.  Took lots of pictures… posted updates to FB… then my phone died.  It was a long day.  When we finished I was exhausted to say the least. When we got back to camp, yes camp, we had to find our luggage, get a tent to set up and set off to find our spot.  All of this after walking 20 miles.  To say the least. we were all exhausted.  Me, emotional!  Boy was I!  I learned why small children have melt-downs.  I was there 100%.  Each day got harder and harder for me.  I cried each day when I hit about the 15 mile mark.  I also cried when I saw signs, or friends and families of others that were out there rooting us all on.  They were amazing to be there, so I cried.

Needless to say, I DID IT!  I am proud.  I think back and I really don’t think that people realize what a feat it was.  Especially walking in San Francisco.  It was hard walking, really hard and emotional.  I had the injuries to how hard it was when I finished.  I am not going to complain though.  The person that helped me though the most was my Husband.  He was amazing, encouraging and I thank him wholeheartedly for all of his kind words and notes.  🙂


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