30 Days – Day 4

This was taken at my Mother's Funeral November 1998. I believe it is the last one that we have all 6 of us together. I love you! xoxo

Day 4 – Your Sibling

I have 5 older siblings… yes I am the youngest of 6 from my Parents. My Father remarried and had 2 more boys, so I also have 2 younger half siblings.

I would like to say that I am close to all of them, but I fell somewhere in the middle.  After my Grandparents died in the 90’s the family got together less and less.  My Parents Split up.  I moved out-of-town and life went on from there.  I wouldn’t say that any of my siblings try to get together with me as much as I do them, except for my Sister.  Yes, I have 1 Sister and 6 Brothers.  I love my family for all of its flaws and all of the love they show me each and every time I am with them.  I fantasize almost daily about the gatherings I want to have and for us all to be together.  Not just during the holidays, but all of the time.  Like it used to be.  On the Holidays, during the Summer, for us, for fun.  It will happen again, because I want it too.  🙂


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