30 Days – Day 2

Day 2 – Your Crush

I haven’t had a crush in so long this one is a little bit odd for me.  Okay, I will tell you about this one from my past…

His name was Darrel.  I must have been in 3rd, maybe 4th grade.  He used to get babysit just the neighborhood over from where I lived.  I used to ride by the house purposely hoping that I would find him outside playing.  Back and forth, back and forth, every day after school.

Later I learned that he lived in the same apartments that my Mothers friend, Rita, lived in with her Children.  I was never very excited about going over and visiting with my Mother to Rita’s.  Once I realized that I could maybe run into Darrel that changed my whole outlook.  I liked going over there after that.  Running around the apartment complex, getting to talk to him. Fun kid stuff.

I ended up knowing Darrel for many years.  Just always friends and running into each other every now and then.  Have no idea what he is doing these days.  The last time I saw him that crush was quite nonexistent.  I must have been in my early 20’s.  It is fun to think back how I felt so young though.

I had a few other crushes, which were similar to this one, but none really when I got past highschool. 🙂


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