Wearing Purple for NOH8

This morning it was the usual routine at our home, but with just a little twist.  We all wanted to wear purple to support NOH8. After some searching and borrowing from closets, we were all set to go out the door.

When we got to school my Boys were looking at the other children arriving and said that they didn’t see anyone else wearing Purple. I explained that some of the parents may not have explained and educated their children about what today was about, or they didn’t know about today at all.  It was their job to educate others around them.

When we picked up our Boys from school my oldest got in the car (he is 10 years old) and said that every time he wears a pair of his skinny jeans (Alex had on purple skinny jeans) his friend Kyle says that he looks Gay.  We explained to him, yet again, that this is exactly what we are talking about. My Son may not seem bothered, but what this other boy is doing could really hurt someone else.

I will be making T-Shirts for us tomorrow… white T-Shirts with Purple writing saying, “ERASE HATE“.  Let’s see if more people ask about what that means.  I hope so.  Bullying is horrible and everywhere around the globe.

I just finished watching “It Gets Better” (Broadway sings for the Trevor Project).  I love when people come together and take a stand.  I wish more parents would and be better role models for their children.  Take a stand people, this is life we are talking about and the one that we all want to live  and to live it as happy as we can… today, tomorrow and the next.

When I was young I never felt bullied, but I had friends that were.  When it did happen to a friend I was always there for them. Always stuck up for them.  Even befriended some of those bullies when they realized what they were doing and I was right.  I am friends with a lot of those people from 25 years ago still today.  🙂

I’ve had conversations with my Husband about living in different parts of the U.S. and how it was when he was young.  Way different for him then myself.  He was bullied… in California by teachers, because he came from the South.  Then again when he moved to another Southern state years later in Middle School.  They didn’t like “Californians”.  It just goes to show you it happens any where, for 100 different reasons.  It all sucks!  All of it! My husband laughed at me today when I told my oldest that if this child has an issue any further that he can have a conversation with his Mother.  My Husband knows that I would educate him, let him know what he is doing wrong and give him something to think about rather than scare him.

I hope everyone young and old will celebrate life and also remember those that are now gone and wear purple today and if not today, maybe Friday. Even better… EVERYDAY!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Wearing Purple for NOH8

  1. Awesome post Kat! Loved it. I didn’t hear about the purple thing until my day was started already but I think that’s great to educate your kids about it. I will do the same when my kids are a bit older. It IS so crazy that anyone can get picked on & bullied for ANYTHING! I was bullied about having a flat chest by a boy who ended up marrying a girl with a pretty flat chest! It was so bad I ended up not going to church & some school days so I could avoid even seeing the group of boys he ran with! So, I do not and will not put up with that type of behavior if I know anyone is being bullied. It needs to STOP!

    • Thank you Shalin!

      I am always worried about my 4 Boys being bullied. I also teach them NOT to be the bully. I find this so important in so many different ways.

      I am sorry to hear about what you had to go though. People just suck, but you know what? You are stronger, you survived. You are such an amazing and beautiful woman! I am happy to have met you and have you in my life. xo

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