Two ticks of the species ixodes holocyclus, pi...

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First off I just say that I am so desensitized from bugs crawling on me.  I snatch them up in my sleep if I feel the slightest bit of crawl on my skin at all.  So gross!

This is our second round of tick issues in the past year.  We have washed the dogs with special shampoo that you are only supposed to use once every 30 days.  We have administered Front Line on all 3 dogs.  The same day we were still picking ticks off of them.

I have the creepy crawlies now and can’t seem to shake it.  My head itches and every time I feel a piece of hair on me, or anything of the sort, I check for a tick.

Time to spray the yard again.  This time we also need to spray inside… even better bomb the shit out of it.  🙂


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