Continuous Thoughts

I have been think a lot over the past few months about writing about the day I found my Mother dead.  I’m not sure why, but something inside me wants too.  I think that this would be a great opportunity to document what I experienced.  I don’t think that very many people will be happy with me while reading it, but I don’t care.

It would also be an accurate description of that day, which I think will be important in the future.  Most people know of their loved ones who die, but not exactly what happened.  Or how it affected the one who found them.  Who loved them.  Who miss them.


4 thoughts on “Continuous Thoughts

  1. I think you’re right. It must have affected you profoundly and writing about it means you are able to reflect on what happens. A blog has an audience and we write differently when we know someone is going to read it- its like having a couch!!
    Its worth thinking about whether you want comments though, with such a searing subject.
    Good luck:-)

  2. Hey Beautiful girl. I think you should write about it. In fact, sometimes the most taboo subjects enlighten the most people. What do you do in that situation? Who did you call first? What stages of mourning were first? How did you sleep that night? What were your dreams like? How did you handle the family? We are all at the age where we start loosing parents, grandparents, etc. Sharing experiences is what connects us.

    You yourself love with your arms, heart, and eyes wide open. Maybe it will be the information someone might use/need if they are ever in that situation. For you to even attempt to share it means that it must be time..I would love for you to write a book about your life. You have lived, loved and experienced so much in your life. People learn and grow from other’s experiences and it truly does take a village to raise a child. Writing about it will get people to think, feel, and learn. Bottom line is that you make an impact on people, and I think that when all is said and done, that is really all one could ever wish for during their life. Love you!

    • Kristen,

      I appreciate your comment so much. As one of my friends that knew my Mother and our relationship from when I was very young, this means a lot to me. I am going to write about it. When? I don’t quite know, but one of these days it is just going to be out there. Raw, honest and in writing.

      Love you!

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