It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 107

Weight:  180

Size:  14

Lord Mahaveer

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Exercise:  2 miles on the treadmill and one hour of Yoga.

As I rolled out of bed this morning I was wondering what it was going to feel like when I stood up.  I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t so bad.  I got myself dressed, brushed my hair and headed downstairs to help with the Boys.

After the Boys were off to school I went to the gym.  I managed walking 2 miles on the treadmill before my Yoga class.  I couldn’t  believe that I didn’t even get a shin-splint.  I was so happy!  My upper thighs where my hip joints meet on the side were the sorest thing at the time really.  No problem.  I made it through just fine.

I set off for Yoga class.  After about 10 minutes into it my heart was pounding, I was sweating to death, so I stopped.  Had a drink, actually a lot to drink and sat in my meditation pose.  I sat there and meditated for about 10 or 20 minutes.  I lost track of time.  I then pulled myself out and started back up with my Yoga practice.  I felt replenished a little bit more and my body was much calmer then when I started.  I managed to finish the class feeling great!

After coming home, eating and sitting on the computer for a while I noticed my left foot really was sore.  Coming upstairs for a couple of hours and laying in my bed and just resting it really seemed to help.  Periodically stretching and rubbing it a little.

I was thinking of going to the new power weights class tomorrow morning at 8:30.  I think it is called Power Pump.  I am going to play that by ear and go with what my body is telling me.

My Husband and I talked about dehydration today.  I have never been dehydrated like this before.  I guess it can take days to recover.  We did stop and grab me a drink with some electrolytes after my work out.  It made me pee like crazy, but feel good after a while and 60 ounces of water later.

Tomorrow is another day and a new road.  🙂


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