It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 91

Weight:  183

Size:  14

Exercise:  2 miles on the treadmill and a yoga class at the gym.

Yoga kicked my ass today!  Two of my girlfriends went with me and I tell you what, I was hurtin’!

I broke my left wrist several years ago kick-boxing.  Yes, I did kick-boxing.  You know the real kind and not the “gym” kind.  It was fantastic until one day I forgot my had and arm wraps and I broke my wrist doing a punching exercise.  Idiot!  What does this have to do with me today?  Well, my first stance on my wrist in yoga today killed me.  It always seems to take me 3 or 4 classes until things in my wrist strengthen back up.  Hopefully that is all it will take this time, because it really hurt today.  I made it through the class though and that is what was important.

After I got home I made a fruit shake for my Husband and I and sat down to chill in front of the computer for a while.  Next thing I know my Husband was asking me to join him in a trip around the block on our roller-skates/roller blades.  Of course I will!  I get to use my new skates I got off EBay and am jazzed!

I went to put on my skates and snap goes one shoe string!  Okay, I can work this out, so I pulled it though and made the broken shoestring work until I get a new one.  Second skate… snap… same thing.  No biggie!  They must have been the original shoestrings falling apart like that.

I headed for the door and WOW was I unstable.  I made it out the door though, down the steps and out to the driveway.  I even made it down the street on the sidewalk, then back.  Then down the street, then back to wait for my Husband.  He came cruising out on his roller blades.  You go boy!  LOL!  We went down to the corner, then I noticed the newly sealed street was making my wheels black, so I headed back.  My hip joints were killing me from yoga today, so I headed back inside and waved to my Husband not to bail and be careful… well, and also to have fun!  :)


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