It’s A New Day In My Skin: Day 77

Weight:  184

Size: 14

Exercise: 4 miles on the treadmill.

I am such an idiot!  It took me this long to get 10 pounds off and only a few days to put 5 back on.  That is just uncalled for!  It is time to crank it back down and put the spoon, fork, chopsticks, whatever… down!

I went to the gym today, which was REALLY needed.  I have been a melancholy mess for the past couple days and it is time to snap out of it!  Walking on the treadmill today felt great!  I wanted to walk more, but had a hair appointment and 4 miles is sufficient.  Tomorrow I am going to walk again.  I also have a goal to start my push-ups and sit-ups program again.  I never did get very far on that before I left on vacation for this summer.  I am also going to go to Yoga this week.  YES!  I love that!  I may even hit up one of my old yoga classes over then next couple of weeks away from the gym.  Just to switch it up and recharge myself.

It will all come together soon.  I have faith in myself, because I am strong and a survivor.  I look for the future and the beautiful sunlight that fills my days ahead.  The past few months have really brought me down.  I have decided just to take each day minute-by-minute.  Happiness, calm, loss of weight… it will all be back in the palm of my hand.  🙂


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