It’s A New Day In My Skin: Day 56

Weight:  181

Highest weight:  189

Lost: 8 pounds (Well was down 10, then here came vacation.)

Exercise: Treadmill 3.36 miles

Today was my first day back to the gym since, hmmm, late May I guess.  I was gone just about the whole month of June and the first 2 weeks of July.  I did pretty good though.  I didn’t put on any weight until the last week of my vacation.  It was worth it though.

Back to the grind.  The treadmill felt really good this morning.  No shin-splints!  Woooo hoooo!  That was a huge plus.  I did feel that itchy burn, which always tells me I am working it and working it good.  🙂  I caught a ride with my friend, or else I would have been happy to do more.  I just loved that she called, got me out of bed and we went.

A couple of months ago my Husband bought me a Wi Fit.  He has been wanting to get me one since they came out, but I wasn’t really interested.  I am going to try it out this week some time.  I am still pretty skeptical about the whole game/exercise thing, but I am up for anything.

I have been following this guy on Twitter that is amazing.  He is over 500 pounds and has lost over 60 in the same amount of days that I have only lost 8.  He is inspiring and he helps me to remind myself each and every day that it is crazy if I can’t get this weight off.  I CAN do it!  I will!

I went to Whole Foods yesterday and was reminded of how much I love great food. Healthy food.  I would shop there all the time if it was a bit closer.  I could live in that place I tell ya.  Just love it!

I need some sleep.  Nighty night!


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