It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 6

Weight:  181

Size:  14

Weight Lost: 6

Exercise:  13 push-ups and 70 sit-ups

A good friend of mine told me about  She had been using this off and on since last year and also the 200 Sit-Ups program.  I did the initial tests tonight and I did 13 push-up without falling on my face.  I probably could have done a few more if I took it REALLY slowly.  The program has me starting on Week 1 – 3rd Column.  As for the sit-ups initial test I did 70 pretty easily.  The program told me to start on Week 3 Column 3.  I’ve always had pretty strong abs, even under this flab I have right now.  Yuck to the flab!  It looks like a pretty cool program 3 days a week and a free logging area on the site, so I am going to start tomorrow.

As for the rest of my weekend… I did dance a bit on Friday night, which was really fun.  The rest of my weekend turned out pretty shitty, oh except I did go and see Sex in the City on Saturday early afternoon with my Wishbone Girls, which was fun.  The rest of the weekend really did suck though.  Too personal to get into.  I will just leave it at that.  Blah!

I am happy that I have gotten back down to the weight that I was at 2 weeks ago after I did that “liquid diet”.  Let’s see if I can get into that 170 realm this month and keep going.  That would just be fantastic!  🙂


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