In My Skin – Day 130

Weight:  182
Size:  14
Exercise:  3 miles on the treadmill.
Liquid Diet:  Day 4
Weight Lost on Liquid Diet:  5 lbs.
Total Weight Lost:  7 lbs.

If I have a bunch of typos please excuse me.  I am typing from my phone since my network on my laptop is being wacko.

My Husband went to the gym with me again today, which is great.  He worked out on some of the machines, then met me back over @ the treadmill.  He was ready to go before I finished, but then I should have told him that I wanted to do 5 miles, or more today.  I did 3.  I warned him that I wanted to do 5 tomorrow.  It’s all good.

My back is still terribly bad, but I need to at least keep walking.  It makes me feel good & accomplished.

My “liquid diet” is going good.  It is mostly hard @ dinner time when I am making dinner for my family.  I am proud of myself tho.  I figure if I can baby-step through 7 days that will rock.  🙂


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