Weight-loss Surgery Freak-out!

When I was in CA the weekend before last with my Girls (my family… Niece’s & Cousin’s) I got to talking to one of my Nieces about her weight-loss surgery.  She went on to tell me that she was only 165 pounds when she got her surgery.  I thought about it later and how could that be that she only lost like 40 pounds?  That doesn’t seem right.  Irregardless, she sent me an e-mail the day after I got nome about this new procedure that is not invasive called StomaPhyx.  I have 50 pounds to lose.  I know that it is hard to do, but does it really call for a procedure being done in order for me to get this damn weight off?  I know my hormones suck.  I know that I have to struggle with myself to exercise more than I am used too.  I know that I love alcohol.  I know that I need to actually eat more than I do, or more often I guess I should say.  There are a lot of factors, but Weight-loss Surgery?

I checked out the link she sent me.  Did some research… price, recovery time, how the procedure is done, etc., etc.  This is the conclusion I came too.  If I treated my body like I just had this procedure and focused on what the post-op eating habits are I wonder what would happen?  For the first 2 weeks it is just liquids… high protein.  After 2 – 3 weeks it is soft foods… jello, pudding, etc.  It says that for the first year the person is consuming 400-500 calories!  After the first year they progress up to 1,000 calories, or a bit more.

This is my take… If I do a 2 week liquid diet, wouldn’t I lose weight as well?  I would think so!  I just don’t see why someone would need surgery in order to follow this.  Wait!  Stop!  Okay, I have to back-up.  Yes, I do see why.  There are people who are compulsive eaters, over eaters, yadda-yadda… more power to them to do what works for them.  As for me, I think that I need to just do the “post-op” drill for a couple of weeks and see where it takes me.  To be quite honest, I am terrified of getting some kind of surgery done and so is my bank account.  $8,000 to lose 50 pounds.  What the hell!!!  So, last night I ate the last handful of Whoppers and today I started my First Day of My Liquid Diet.  2 Weeks.  I think that I can do it.  So far so good today.  Let’s see how I do when I make my family dinner tonight.  I should be okay though.  I just keep thinking about what else I could do with that 8 grand and take another sip off of my protein shake.  Mind you I am not stopping drinking tea, milk, fruit shakes, or alcohol.  All liquids right?  I have to draw the line somewhere.  I will write about my 2 weeks off and on… wish me luck!!  🙂


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