In My Skin – Day 127

Weight:  I forgot to weigh myself this morning.

Size:  14

Exercise:  3 miles on the Treadmill.

I hurt my back again last Tuesday, so I have been taking it a bit easy the past week.  I have either been on my back in bed, or having to stand up, which isn’t always that comfortable.  I will survive.  Isn’t that the saying?

I walked on the treadmill today.  I got to about 2.5 miles and felt like Igor, limping and holding my back.  I trudged through it slowly and got at least 3 miles in.  That made me very happy and accomplished for the day.  Then off I was to the Chiropractor. Mike has helped me soooo much.  Thank goodness for him, that’s for sure!!!  It hurts when I leave there, but I know good days are to come, so I just keep that in mind.  🙂


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