In My Skin – Day 116

Weight:  184

Size:  14

Exercise:  1.28 Miles on the Treadmill and Yoga for an hour.

I took my youngest Son to the gym with me today.  His first time.  I thought that he would do fine since he is almost 5, goes to Preschool 3 days a week and has stayed at our home with sitters and has had a few sleepovers… no such luck.  I fell terrible!!!  He cried.  I couldn’t believe it.  I left him though.  Crying.  How terrible is that!  After 15 minutes I went and peeked in on him, then 10 minutes later once again.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Well, he did just fine and said that he would like to go back another time.  Thank goodness.  I just felt so terrible that he cried.  I am just one of those Mothers.

Yoga was wonderful though.  I did just over a mile on the treadmill, then went to yoga.  It feels so good to stretch and work the other areas of my body.  It is amazing how out of shape I feel in just about 6 weeks of not going to yoga.  It really has always been an important apart of my life and I need to keep it up right now.  This particular yoga class is what I call a “gym yoga class”.  It is not a smooth and rhythmic like I am used too.  It is quicker and more structured, but it works for me still.  I would say that it is the first one at a gym that I actually tolerate.

I have been feeling pretty tired still… physically tired mostly.  I guess I will just hang in there and hope that it will pass.  🙂


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