In My Skin – Day 115

Weight:  185

Size:  14

Exercise:  None today… Yoga yesterday.

Today I woke up late, about 8:10 a.m., or so.  I heard my Husband heading out with my oldest 3 Boys to school.  I was exhausted this morning.  I don’t know what the deal is.  When we got back on Friday from Cancun I woke up at 6 on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Since then I have felt like the dead in the morning.  Especially today.  Anyway, I got up, got dressed for the gym, got on the computer and stayed there mot of the day.  Can you say lazy ass!

Yesterday I decided on getting back into my yoga since It has been I think like 6 weeks, or so.  I needed to stretch my legs anyway from all of the walking that I have been doing.  During one pose where I had to get up onto my toes it just killed me!!!  All-in-all it was wonderful!  I needed the stretch badly and will go back tomorrow.  🙂


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