Throwing My First Baby Shower

I threw my good friend Kim a Baby Shower  on Saturday.  This is her second child and they are having a girl this time.  So exciting!  I was so happy when she asked me if I would have her Shower at my house.  I had months to get ready and the only think I had her to do is tell me her baby room colors and what kind of cake she likes.  🙂  I must say I am pretty happy how things went!

First I ordered the favors and then found wrapping at the Hobby Lobby that matched pretty perfect, I must say.  I also ordered gifts, but unfortunately they didn’t show up in time, so I have set them aside for future gifts.  I ended up buying gifts for the games at my favorite Hallmark Store.I also ordered a corsage for Kim (the baby in the picture), some “Advice for the Mother to Be” cards and a very cool Stork pen.  I sent everything home with her he after the party, even the extra streamers.

The cake was a MUST from Honey Moon Sweets here in Tempe.  They did the most amazing job ever!  I purchased my Twelfth Night Party cake from them as well, so I knew it was going to be just perfect.  It was beyond really!  The inside was marble cake, with a chocolate moose filling.  The outside was all whipped frosting.  All of the swirls, flowers, bottles and all other decorations on the cake were made of white chocolate.  It was absolutely amazing… not just how it looked, but how it tasted too.  We took the top layer off and had her take it home to enjoy.I was supposed to be with my Husband on a surprise Anniversary vacation, so I ordered the food and cake in advance to be delivered.  I didn’t end up going on that vacation due to my emergency Appendectomy, but good thing I set up everything in advance.  Andrew helped me decorate the night before… streamers,etc.  I set up the rest, then AJ’s Fine Foods and Honey Moon Sweets brought the rest.  It was perfect!

The day was fun-filled with games… tummy measuring, bottle drinking, no crossing legs, no saying baby and the messy diaper game, which was a crack-up.  A fun time by all I thing that I can firmly say.

I even got a message from a friend the next day asking if I would throw her one next.  LOL!  My husband was afraid of that.

I also got a text from Kim’s Husband and he said that Kim told him that the Baby Shower was over the top and that she had never been to a Baby Shower to fantastic before.  That made me feel good!  Parties are just my thing I think.  🙂  xo

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