Where have all the great Housekeepers gone?

I have had at least a dozen, maybe more, housekeepers in the last 10 years.  I have been stole from, lied to, quit on, had things broken and so much more.  Why isn’t there anyone out there that has pride in what they do any more?

I have a busy household with 7 people.  I could really use the help.  My current housekeeper didn’t show-up yesterday.  Granted we really needed her here since I just had surgery on Saturday and I am stuck not doing much of anything.  She did show up today, but things are starting to pile-up and the dust is starting to get out of hand.  You would think that someone being here 4 days a week and 3 hours each of those days would be able to get a lot done.  I was thinking about it today… where have all the great housekeepers gone?  Well, I need one.  🙂

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