Post Appendectomy Surgery – Day 3

Feeling much better today, not as sore.  Especially when I try to sit up, or try to lean back.  I think that the healing process is going to not take as long as I thought.  I like the idea of that.

Appendectomy Incisions - Day 3 Post SurgeryI took more pics of my incisions today.  I like how they are healing up thus far.  My bellybutton incision is shaped like an “H” though and freaks me out.  I wonder what my bellybutton will look like a month from now?  I am a 2-piece bathing suite wearing girl and can’t be walking around with a crazy looking bellybutton!  LOL!

Tomorrow I am going to try to get up and walk around the block again a few times.  I didn’t today, but did get up and shower.  I also went downstairs and hung out at my desk a couple of times.  Nothing too exciting.

My weight was down to 186 this morning, which had me jazzed.  It is crazy how much your body reacts and swells and then holds on to all that fluid.  I am happy it is coming off though. I have been working too hard not to keep every pound of me that I loose.  I deserve it!  🙂


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