In My Skin – Day 86

Weight:  186

Size:  14

Exercise:  Treadmill 4 Miles

Okay, I am a bit freaked out.  My Husband has planned a surprise (surprise as in not telling me where we are going and doing) 10 Year Anniversary trip.  We leave on Sunday and I have nothing that fits me… just lovely!  All he has told me is that it will be hot, sunny & sandy.  He also gave me 2 sunscreens for our actual anniversary.  One 85 SPF and the other 70 SPF.  LOL!  That is just so funny to me.  I am usually so brown by now too and as of today I am looking like I am still living during the winter, when the winter has been gone and done in AZ for quite a while now.  I am working on that part though.  Back to fitting in my clothes… shit!  Wish me luck is all I can say.  I have a big closet full of beautiful sun dresses, tank tops, pants, skirts… you name it!  I have not been allowing myself to go out and buy new clothes just because my others are too small.  NO!

My workout was great today.  I got in 4 miles.  I started off with getting a pretty bad shin splint in my right leg.  I slowed down on my pace to be able to go the distance.  I was proud when I finished even though I was sore from the day before.  It’s all good!

I am enjoying the Bodybugg… it is keeping me very up to date with what I am burning and what my intake has been.  It will be interesting what it will log for my activity on a day that I don’t work out.  Love it so far though, even if only two days.  🙂


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