In My Skin – Day 85

Weight:  187

Size:  14

Exercise:  5.05 Miles in the Treadmill

I researched the Bodybugg yesterday and was really impressed.  I jumped in the car and drove over to 24 Hour Fitness and bought one for myself.  I started using it today and it is really cool.  Not only does it interact with what I log, it tells me my steps I’ve taken for the day, calories burned and so much more.  I am hoping that it will be a good tool for me to see where my day-to-day activity is lacking.  I am looking forward to it.

Last Wednesday was the last day I had exercised until today.  Wednesday we hiked Superstition Mountain, 3.2 miles.  The first half of the hike kicked my ass!!!  LOL!  Loved it though.  It was our 10 year Wedding Anniversary, so once we got to the top we found a shady spot next to a huge boulder, laid out a blanket, opened a bottle of wine, had some nice cold water and shared a light picnic.  It was wonderful!  🙂


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