In My Skin – Day 67

Weight:  186

Size:  14

Exercise:  Outdoor Bike-riding 4 or 5 miles

I’ve been feeling great on the exercise side of life!  We just finished (my Husband, 4 Boys and I) riding to the Mall for lunch at Grimalidi’s.  After we went a little further to the Circle K to hit up the Red Box for a few movies, then headed home.  It is such a beautiful day.  It must be 80, or just under outside.  I can see the brown glow starting to take over my skin.  Love Spring time!

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to the Aloha Festival, which was fantastic.  We loved walking while enjoying the wonderful food, drinks, vendor booth and entertainment.  It was a win-win all around and I didn’t gain a pound.  Thank goodness for the walking.  🙂

The Friday before that I did 4 miles on the treadmill.

On Thursday of last week I did 3 miles.  This was the day after I did the KettleBell.  What was so funny is that I woke up so sore Thursday morning from that 20 minutes of KettleBell.  I loved it, but OUCH!  LOL!  I went to lunch with 2 girlfriends after the gym and when I went to stand up afterwards woooowwww!  My thighs and ass were like… I give, I give!  hahaha… I was laughing at myself so hard.  I am for sure going to do that KettleBell again this week once, or twice.


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