In My Skin – Day 62

Weight:  186

Size:  14

Exercise:  KettleBell 20 minute workout.

While I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday with my Husband and 2 of my Boys to buy some new books I came across the Gaiam Exercise Area/Shelf.  I grabbed myself at start-up kit for the KettleBell, with information and a DVD.  One of the teachers at my Boys’ school kept posting about her wonderful workouts on Facebook.  She even was telling me about the inches that she was loosing all over her body and in a very short time.  I think that she is working out only 2 or 3 time a week too, which is cool.  So, I inquired and she invited me along, but I have never been able to make it. 6:00 in the evening is just not a good time for me with a house full, dinner and bed time coming up.  Anyway, so I bought this thing.  It is 4 lbs.  I watched the instruction video and then did the first work out on the DVD.  First off I have to tell you, I can’t stand any kind of aerobics.  At first she started with the marching, stepping side to side and I was happy when all of that was over and we were getting down to business.  WOW!  20 minutes of what seemed like a pretty simple workout had me in a sweat.  Very cool!  These workouts are designed to not only work the areas that you are focusing on, but your whole body. It makes your muscles longer and leaner.  I figure I can do this at home and in between my walking and yoga, just to throw a full body work out in there.

If you are wondering what exactly a kettlebell is? It resembles a bowling ball or cannonball with a handle on it. Though they originate from Russia, they were a part of the nostalgic days of Sandow, Klein, and other great strongmen, not only in Russia, but in the rest of Europe and even in the United States.

Anyway, with my busy day I am happy that I fit in a workout.  🙂


p.s.  Oh yeah… and I lost 3 pounds this week.  Let’s see if it keeps coming off.  That root canal on got on Monday has me pretty sore, so the food intake has been pretty limited. Ouch!

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