In My Skin – Day 58

Weight: 188

Size:  14

Exercise:  None as of today yet.

I haven’t been able to blog for a while. I have been to Jerome, AZ for Valentines Day for 3 days. Las Vegas with 6 of my girlfriends for 3 days, then few off to Capitola, CA where I met my Husband and 4 Boys for the week. Wonderful vacation time, but no access to the internet for a while.  So here I am, back again.  Any thinner?  No!  Ug… a few pounds heavier in fact.  A lot of drinking over the past few weeks.  I was still good about my eating habits, but the alcohol and exercise have been lacking.

I have been back on track since Monday though… Monday I did 2.27 miles on the treadmill.  Wednesday I did 5 miles on the treadmill and 150 crunches.  Friday we rode 3 miles (I am guessing, maybe a little more) on our bikes.  Today I have just been taking it easy.

My shoes have been wonderful, so I have two pairs of those now.

I got my first shin-splint on Wednesday in my right leg. It was at the beginning my my walk, so I just slowed down until it went away and kept going.  The funny thing was that later that day that leg didn’t hurt it was the other leg. I must have been favoring my right leg during that time.  I am great today though.

I am going to get this weight off it it kills me.  I have been thinking about the B12 shots, but am just so scared to have my mood changed in any way.  I make that decision if things don’t change over the next 4 weeks.

Alcohol has to slow way down though, that is extra calories that I am assuming that my body doesn’t need.  It is worth a try.  I am going to do more bike riding and waking outside too and try and get my Husband to join me.  We ordered an attachment tandem bike for my 4 year old today, so that will help in being able to go a bit faster on family rides.  All good positive things.

🙂  xo

4 thoughts on “In My Skin – Day 58

  1. Shin splints can be difficult to heal as long as you are walkingon streets/sidewalks. Is there a highschool/college track nearby. The mall is just as bad as the street too.

    • I have been walking on the treadmill only so far. I only had pain the day of and a little the next day. I haven’t walked since Thursday, but will get back in there tomorrow. I will be walking outside too. I don’t usually stretch before I walk, apparently that is BAD. I will do that from now on too. Thank you for your advice. 🙂

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