In My Skin – Day 33

Weight:  186

Size:  14

Exercise:  2 miles on the treadmill.

Yesterday I weighed myself and I was 190 pounds!  190 pounds!!!  HOLY SHIT!  That is even higher than my highest weight of 187.  A Few factors… I started my period last week for the first time since the end of August. Another is that Super Bowl was on Sunday and I had like 6 or 7 Michelob Ultras.  Water retention?  Who the hell knows.  All I know is that over night I was 5 pounds heavier and that is just not okay!

I walked 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday and I felt great.  I felt like I could walk even more, but had a dentist appointment to get to.  I felt great and was motivated.  This morning I only walked 2 miles.  My 4-year-old was in my bed sick since just after 1:00 a.m. and he tossed and turned, had a fever, stuffy nose and his lungs sounded terrible.  Naturally I didn’t sleep good.  I am just happy that I got myself to the gym and did something. It felt good to be there even though I was tired.  My legs feel good and I can feel that the muscles have really gotten a good work out over the last couple of days.  That is a good thing.  I like to feel it.

I decided on a nice pair of Nike tennis shoes and returned the 2 other pairs this morning that I bought over the past few weeks.  I can’t believe that I actually found a pair of tennis shoes that my toes and feet no longer go numb in.  I am going to go this weekend and go get another pair exactly the same as these.  I am all set in that area for now.

I am hoping to see at least 5 pounds come off over the next two weeks.  Yes, yes, yes… it will be done!  🙂


2 thoughts on “In My Skin – Day 33

  1. don’t stress about it, Kathleen. It’s perfectly normal for people’s weights to fluctuate. I think you have the right attitude. I walked half a mile today and i felt super so just keep up the high spirits and you’ll reach your goal weight in no time!

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