In My Skin – Day 29

Weight :  185

Size:  14

Exercise:  3.5 miles on treadmill and 65 crunches on gym crunch machine.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to buy some new tennis shoes.  I had no idea what an endeavor it would be.  Unfortunately, if I have shoes that are even the slightest bit tight… wait, I must explain that a little further… when I wear heals I am fine and this doesn’t happen, it only happens when I wear tennis shoes… my toes go numb.  How much does that suck!  Anyway, so I bought shoes, took them back, got 3 other pairs and am working through them.  I wore one of those new pairs today… numb toes!  Holy crap!  So strange.  So, out of the 3 there is only one of those pairs that I will be keeping.  I was told by a friend to make sure that when one of those pairs do fit to make sure I get a send pair.  Guess I will be going to get that second pair tomorrow.

I’m a bit bummed that I haven’t been able to get any more weight off…. Patience right?  Right!

Tomorrow another day, more miles on the treadmill!  Woo hooo!


2 thoughts on “In My Skin – Day 29

  1. My Mrs. has begun walking a couple of miles a day. She developed a large blister inbetween her left great toe and second toe. Our oldest daughter is somewhat of a workout nut. She told the Mrs. that she should buy a half size larger if she was buying shoes to walk or run.

  2. Thank you, great advice! My best friend told me the same thing and she talked & walked me through the ropes of buying new tennis shoes. You would think that I would know these things with being such a shoe junkie, but tennis shoes have never really been a favorite to buy. 🙂

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