In My Skin – Day 27

Weight:  185

Size: 14

Exercise: None as of yet

Last week and this week have been interesting.  Way too much drinking and not enough exercise last week. This week, well starting last Friday, my household have had a stomach flu bug.  I was able to work out and walk 3 miles on Monday and do 100 crunches.  Yesterday nothing… today my goal is to run up and down my stairs 50 times, 300 crunches and 10 push-ups.

I started drinking my tea this week also, back on track with yet another healthy quality.  Day 27 and only, what, 2 pounds?  Not good!  I also started using my DietPower program today to log and keep track of my water and food intake.  That seemed to help me in the past.  Slowly, but surely I guess.  I think that I need to write more and kick myself in the ass more too.  Thing is that I don’t eat a lot and that is what is frustrating.  My friends tell me that I need to eat more to raise my metabolism and lose weight quicker.  That is so hard for me, because that isn’t how I was raised.  My Father tells me to just starve myself… that’s really helpful.  Men and women dieting are just so different.  I wish sometimes that I could just starve myself.  Ha!

I have a lot of traveling coming up later this month… 3 trips… Jerome, AZ… Las Vegas… then California for a week.  Important to stay on track.  Please Blog give me strength!!!  🙂


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