In My Skin – Day 13

Me now... this is the closest I could find for a full length shot... half will have to do. :)Weight: 185This is the only full-length picture of me that I can find and it is from last year.

Size:  14

Exercise:  3.5 miles on the Treadmill and 200 Crunches

I felt great walking on the treadmill today.  I stopped at 3.5 miles, because I wanted to get home and have some time to myself while my Boys were all at school.  When I got home I did my crunches first. If I didn’t I would have probably not have done it at all.  I got 200 in which is pretty good for just getting back on track the last couple of weeks.

When I put on that pair of pants the other day that normally fit me just right, or are even a little loose, and they were tight that was it!  I refuse to buy new clothes due to the one I already own being too tight.  Whose fault is that?  MINE!  I have to own that, so I did and I do.  I just hope that doing this Blog will keep me going. So far so good, right?  Right!

Tomorrow is my Yoga day. When I started my Yoga practice back up last week… YOWWZA!  I was sore for like 3 days, but it was sooo good.  When I went yesterday I was in a major sweat, but I loved every minute of it. Today I am not really that sore either.  Just a bit tight in the hamstrings really.  That is a good sign, my body is adapting well, but it always makes me want to push further, because I like that after pain. Yes, I am a freak.  LOL!

As for the new tennis shoes that I bought, the Shape-up.  They were comfortable.  My toes didn’t start to get a bit numb until after the second mile, which I thought was a good sign.  I spoke to my Chiropractor about it today and he said that it is due to all the high-heel shoes that I wear. When I wear the flats and also have a pair of shoes that is pushing on either side of my feel (he said that the shoes are probably still too narrow) that the circulation is being depleted and thus, my feet/toes go numb.  Makes sense.   I am hoping that the shoes stretch a bit. If not, I will take them back next week and go on another search for the perfect pair of walking shoes.


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