In My Skin – Day 12 |

Weight:  186

Size:  Too big… haha, just kidding, Size 14

Exercise:  Yoga

I went to put on a pair of my pants the other day and damnit, they were too tight!  Too tight!  I have been this size for the past 4 years and my pants have never been too tight.  Not acceptable!!! So, yes, I am doing something about it.  Isn’t that why I started this blog?  YES!  I am going to do it.  It may be a slow process, but I am going to do it and do it my way.

I am down 1 pound.  1 pound in 12 days, but I know it will come in time.  The good thing is that I haven’t gotten tired of going to the gym yet, thank goodness!  Today was the second time that I attended they yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness, and the instructor isn’t half bad.  When I did it last week I was sore for about 3 days.  Fine with me, I like the after soreness.  It lets me know that I am working all the right areas.

My new tennis shoes showed up yesterday, they were too big.  I was so bummed.  They were so comfortable.  I went to exchange them, but no such luck with the exchange.  They didn’t have anything even comparable available that I wanted.  I ended up getting a pair of those new Shape Ups.  Hmmmm… we’ll have to see about those.  Tomorrow is my walking day, so I will give them a try.

I will post a picture of myself during my next blog… I am going to go on a hunt for a full length, which I have been having a hard time finding.


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